About Create Built

Crete Built has the secret sauce for 3D printing in the diverse construction team.  As most in construction know the success of building is reliability and cost-effectiveness.  In all cases of construction issues are the unreliability of craft or trades and material price increases cause value engineering, better referred to as bare minimum construction.  With the 3D printing capabilities, unreliable workers will be replaced with very loyal and dependable robots, educated and reliable operators, and a rough-in schedule and price that traditional construction cannot compete with.

Currently, international companies like WinSun and Al-Mobty are building in Saudi Arabia on a huge scale.

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 12.49.09 PM
MudBot 3D Concrete Printer
Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 12.51.20 PM
3D Printed Home

Crete Built is offing what WinSun offered to Al-Mobty for 1.5 million affordable homes.  Crete Built will be similar but as an RMD we get a piece of all sales in our region from all the deals within the region, all of the Unit sales we make, and all of rental or lease agreement income.

Regions Crete Built is negotiating for include:
·         Colorado
·         Georgia
·         North Carolina
·         South Carolina
·         Texas
Assuming success in our initial regions, Crete Built will leverage our growth with MudBots for additional areas to be the number one dealer and implementer.

In 2017, WinSun company signed an agreement with Riyadh-based Al-Mobty Contracting Company for $1.5 billion. Under the terms of the agreement, WinSun will lease one hundred 3D printers to Al-Mobty to build 1.5 million affordable homes which equals 30 million square meters of 3D printed construction area (C., 2017).

Our Team

  • 1.Dustin Crockett / President and CEO
    With over 19 years of construction management experience, Mr. Crockett is a results-driven leader with experience in building strong organizations, managing difficult projects, and always exceeding clients’ expectations. He has extensive domestic and international management experience in new product design and implementation, large capital engineering and construction projects, business planning and strategy, deal structuring, and client management.

    Mr. Crockett is resilient at analyzing business operations and projects, identifying key risks/opportunities, and establishing processes for correction and growth. He has a highly recognized leadership track record in both conceptualizing and executing functional business and project strategies, whereby clients and investors continue to ask for him by name.

    He has completed over $4B in construction projects from quick turn to huge and complex multi-year design-build projects.  In his tenure with GE, he developed nearly a $1B in new products, lead corporate Kaizen/Lean Six Sigma simplification cost-cutting initiatives, and severed on GE’s P&W Engineering Project Management Council and Strategic Project Management Office steering committees developing project and risk management tools, training, and guidelines.

    He has 10 years of experience in risk and management consulting directing numerous corporate positions on new project development and existing operations with a sophisticated, innovative, and integrated technical and financial approach within real estate, financial, government, energy, and environmental markets.  Mr. Crockett knew how to implement new products into a market segment and was training by one of the best in the business, GE.

    Additionally, he is familiar with developing first-of-a-kind regulations and has experience working with regulatory agencies to provide new rules and regulatory processes. [1] He has the ability to make new markets and educate the masses for early acceptance.  At Crete Built, he will oversee all operations, sales, and funding requirements. Mr. Crockett has a degree in Agricultural Engineering with an emphasis in Power and Machinery from Texas A&M.

    Mr. Crockett worked with the State of Missouri. He drafted the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (“MDNR”) Regulatory Impact Report for Proposed Rule Amendment 10 CSR 25-17.010 Risk-Based Corrective Action (“RBCA”) program for Missouri.  This rule was to technically support RBCA site closures utilizing scientific data versus antiquated field and reporting protocol.

  • 2.Brian Filson / Director
    With over 16 years of construction management experience, Mr. Filson began his construction career in residential home building in 2000.  He progressed his career in residential construction working for Newmark, Highland Homes, On Point Custom Homes, and founding Citadel Construction before joining Skyler Design Build, LLC full-time in late 2017.  In his tenure, he has completed over 1,000 residential custom homes and nearly a billion dollars in total construction projects.

    At Crete Built, he will provide technical input in developing and growing the 3D residential printing market and field assistance, as necessary.  Mr. Filson has a degree in Building Management from Lamar University and is both a Certified Graduate Builder (“CGB”) and Graduate Master Builder (“GMB”).

  • 3.Dayne Crockett / Director
    With over 15 years of construction management experience, Mr. Crockett has managed the technical and financial performance of over $400M in medical facility expansions and replacement hospital projects. He has worked across the U.S. and holds ICC and NASCLA certifications and multiple Class A GC licenses. He provides balanced decision making, technical and project management guidance, efficient vendor/contractor negotiations, and effective communications with stakeholders along with design and constructability review. In his tenure, he has managed over 100+ subcontractors on a single project with onsite manpower of over 1,500 workers at any one time.  Dayne has worked on multiple federal projects and security clearance work including work completed at Buckley AFB.  Mr. Crockett has started a healthcare construction division for three national GC firms in the last seven years.  At Crete Built, he will provide construction permitting and technical support.  He attended Colorado State University for Construction Management.
  • 4.Chris Bryarly / Sales and Project Manager
    Mr. Bryarly has over 20 years of industry experience in a variety of areas including Construction management and oversight, Project manager in environmental impact studies and reclamation, and Subsurface development of oil & gas fields.

    At Crete Built, he will work with and guide the printing team in the field as well as working to develop and grow the 3D residential printing business.  Mr. Bryarly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Sul Ross University and has been licensed as a professional geologist (PG).

  • 5.Chris Wilcox / Print Pilot
    Mr. Wilcox has over 8 years of construction experience, used to handling multiple Highrise structural projects, he is highly effective at multitasking, proactive problem solving, and quality control.

    Mr. Wilcox has a diverse concrete construction background, beginning in 2014 with designing small Post-Tensioned Garages and progressing to structural designs of $270M, 80-bed ground-up state-of-the-art, 7 stories, >325,000-sf, hospital facility. Mr. Wilcox has worked all across the U.S. from Puerto Rico to Hawaii.

    At Crete Built Mr. Wilcox is responsible for the deployment, operations, and programming of the 3D Printer.

  • 6.Maria Villarino / Mix Master
    Ms. Villarino has 20+ years of experience in the Middle East from different industries including Telecommunications, Retail, Real Estate, Contracting, and Consulting companies.

    At Crete Built she will make sure that the concrete mixture to use in printing is perfect for every type of construction project we will build.